State of Western Canadian Soils - Phosphorus Deficient and Cold

Written on 04/13/18

The current state of our Western Canadian soils is Phosphorus deficient and cold.

The map below is a summary of soil tests conducted across Western Canada.  The yellow, orange and red areas indicate the geographic regions that would show an agronomic response to Phosphorus fertilization.

The combination of cold soils this spring and Phosphorus deficiency across the West, makes starter Phosphate an essential tool to drive early season vigour.  

This spring take a couple of actions to address the Phosphorus responsive and cold soils:

  1. Include a starter Phosphate in your overall Phosphorus program
  2. Conduct a soil test on your fields.

Do your soil tests indicate that you have a nutrient deficiency?  Now is the time to be proactive and fix it before your soil robs you of yield.  Addressing your deficiencies with the right nutrients, properly placed will ensure you set your crop up for success.  Don't be deficient.

Want a second opinion on your soil test?  Contact your ATP Technical Representative today.

Watch the video below to learn the three reasons why you need a starter phosphate this spring.  

Want to learn more about Phosphorus?  Watch our Phosphorus educational module, part of our Nutrient Knowledge Educational series.

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