Maximize Yield with Proactive Nutrition at Flowering

Your Yield Isn't Sealed Until Harvest

Written on 07/11/14

Keeping your crop healthy and stress free during the critical stage of reproduction is key to achieving maximum yield potential.  Proper plant nutrition plays a primary role in preserving this yield, as it can influence up to 60% of the crops genetic potential.  Knowing what nutrients are required, when they are needed and in what ratios with other nutrients, is fundamental in achieving this goal.

Your Yield Isn’t Sealed Until Harvest

Even if your plants look healthy, hidden stresses may be wreaking havoc on your crop. Years of research and in-field experiences demonstrate significant yield losses at the reproductive stages of your crop.  There are four main factors influencing this yield loss:

  1. Nutrient Demand is the greatest during the reproductive stage.  On average, the plant requires a 200-500% increase in nutritional concentration in the reproductive parts versus other plant parts.  The key nutrients being Calcium (Ca), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Boron (B) and/or Manganese (Mn).
  2. Nutrient Mobility (or immobility to be more precise);  Most of the nutrients listed above have limited mobility in the plant, meaning nutrient supply to these reproductive parts may not equal crop demand. The end result can be a deficiency or nutrient imbalance resulting in reduced flowering and/or pollination.
  3. Soil’s Ability to Supply Nutrients;  Nutrient stratification coupled with the potential of dry soils at the reproductive time can significantly reduce the uptake of essential nutrients, such as K, Mg and Boron (to name a few).
  4. Mother Nature can also influence the percent fertilization, with high temperatures being one of the biggest challenges.  

To preserve and protect the yield established up to this crop stage, we need to proactively address these 4 limitations.  By employing the science of proper plant nutrition we can maximize pollen viability, flowering, pollination, and filling, and in doing so, enabling your plant to fight back against biotic threats.

Making the Complex…Simple

This sounds very complicated, and it is, but at ATP - backed by sound science, we simplified the decision making and formulated a novel and innovative nutrient line, designed specifically for each crop to address these limitations at the reproductive timing.

42Phi (pronounced for-ti-phy), is a novel NPK formulation equipped with essential macro and micronutrients designed specifically for fungicide timing, to tackle peak nutrient demand and nutrient immobility, and in doing so, aid in flowering, pollination and seed set and ultimately protecting against late season yield loss. 42Phi can be applied stand alone, or in combination with your fungicide.

R3 Agronomic Performance Plots

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To learn more about 42Phi and how it can maximize your yield potential this growing season, please speak with one of our ATP Nutrition Technical Account Manager's by visiting the Locate a Rep section of our Website.