Inocucor Acquires Leading Crop Nutrition Company

Written on 04/17/18

Please find below an important announcement.  

I would like to share with you that ATP Nutrition has been acquired by Inocucor, an ag tech company that is leading the way in the biological crop inputs sector.  

This event marks the beginning of a new era for ATP Nutrition.  Over the past year we have been working closely to forge a strategic partnership – one that will build a combined entity that will become a leader in combining biologicals with plant nutrition.  We believe that the synergies of biologicals and plant nutrition are the next revolution in agriculture in delivering the genetic potential of the crop.  

Biologicals and plant nutrition used in tandem improve plant health by:

  • Driving nutrient use efficiency
  • Improving the consistency of plant nutrition in the field
  • Providing greater stress management

We are excited to start this new chapter and work with channel partners and growers to understand how the combination of biologicals and plant nutrition can overcome the challenges of delivering the genetic potential of the crop.  

For the upcoming season, it is ‘business as usual’ at ATP Nutrition.  ATP Nutrition will operate independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of its parent company, Inocucor.  Our team of technical account managers are ready to support your in season needs and answer any questions you may have with regards to your nutritional requirements

 All ATP Nutrition employees will be continuing in their current role.  We want to ensure there is minimal disruption to the business and we continue to focus on serving you – our customer.  I will continue as President of ATP Nutrition and am excited about evolving the ATP Nutrition product line to include biologicals going forward.  

Please find attached the press release announcing the strategic partnership.  Please contact our technical sales reps or myself if you have questions or would like to discuss further.

Plant nutrition is the single most effective way to deliver the genetic potential of the crop.  Employing new technology to harness the yield potential of the crop, will keep channel partners and growers competitive going forward.  We look forward to working closely with you as we start this new chapter of improving plant health.  

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Jarrett Chambers

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