How to Mix Foliar Nutrition with Herbicides and Fungicides

Written on 06/07/18

Many growers have recognized the importance of adding nutrition at herbicide and fungicide timing. 

A key question growers ask at this time of year is if their herbicide, fungicide, or other fertilizer products are compatible with our ATP Nutrition line of products. 

ATP Nutrition has done extensive work with Agro-Chemicals and other fertilizer products to understand compatibility as well as best practices when mixing products. To learn best management practices when mixing nutrition products with agro chemicals watch the attached video. 

To view a complete list of compatible products, CLICK HERE.

If you don’t see your herbicide or fungicide mix, please contact our local reps  and they will have your mix tested to ensure compatibility. 

Best Practice When Mixing Products

When using ATP Nutrition products, please adhere to the following tank mix procedure: