High Yield Pea Demo at Ag in Motion – What’s possible?

Written on 08/04/16

ATP Nutrition recently traveled to Saskatoon to take part in the 2016 plot demonstrations at  Ag In Motion. 

 "Ag in Motion is the first and only agricultural trade show in Western Canada that provides an outdoor venue for progressive farmers that want to see and feel the latest agricultural innovations – all in one place." 

This year, we decided to seed peas at our site. We also asked growers to take their best guess at - 'How many bu/ac will our high yield plot yield?'  (click HERE to see what 209 growers had to say!) 

As people toured our pea plot, they asked - "What did you do?" and "Why did you do it?” 

Here’s   WHY - Today, we are sitting at a national  average of 43 bu / acre of Peas   (Canadian Avg. of peas, Source: www.factfish.com).  We know that a crop’s ability to yield starts with the genetic potential within the seed.  After planting, the yield potential decreases from stresses that include weather, soil conditions, weeds, diseases, pests and imbalanced nutrition.  We know that by employing proper plant nutrition which consists of a balanced fertility plan combined with ongoing nutrition foliar applications at critical stages of the crop, we can influence 60% of the yield.  Our pea crop nutrition plan was put together to  target 80 bu / acre - almost  2X   the current national average! 

Here’s  WHAT WE DID - We pulled a soil test to determine what the best fertility plan could be to achieve 80 bu / acre. Based off the soil test we built a proactive crop nutrient management plan that consisted of a high yield program and the System of Chemtrition - PreCede, ReLeaf, 42Phi and other essential nutrients applied at key growth stages of the crop.