High Yield Pea demo at Ag in Motion – New Results to Share

Written on 08/04/16

We have NEW RESULTS from our Ag in Motion High Yield Pea Demo to share! 

Here are some key highlights from our site on what we have learned so far: 

  • Where good fertility was used the crop was more resilient to the hot weather we experienced.  The crop didn’t suffer from flower blast and the flowers continued to set. 
  • The Potassium (K) and Magnesium (Mg) contributed to better crop structure, so the crop didn’t ‘kneel down' due to the environmental stress.   
  • With correct fertility flowering is prolonged leading to a greater pod set with more seeds in a pod. 
  • Throughout the growing season a stay green approach was used, this was achieved by multiple application of essential nutrients and plant stimulators. The untreated crop had started to remobilized nutrients from the lower parts of the plant to feed yield, this will have a detrimental impact on yield.

Since last week we were out counting the number of average pods / plant and average peas / pod.  The pod and pea counts are as follows. (You may want to sit down for this…!

"What’s Possible?” - Many of you took your best guess on what the final yield of the plot would be.  201 growers took their best shot and here’s what they told us.  It was quite a range….the highest yield estimate was 125 bu / acre and the average of all the estimates was 76.07 bu / acre. In all cases, every guess was over the national average of 43 bu / acre.  Please see chart below. 

We’ll continue to keep you posted on the results of the site and the final tally on what this plot yielded.  Stay tuned to learn What’s Possible!