Essential Nutrition Critical in Cold Soils for Plant Health

Written on 04/20/18

With soils across the west being much colder than the norm, it’s critical this year to give the seed some essential nutrition right from the start to help it deal with the cold spring conditions. 

Seed nutrition improves plant health to overcome the environmental stress of the spring season in three key ways:

  1. Increase early season vigour
  2. Cold starts the crop
  3. Increase root surface area

When things go wrong - What can we learn?

We had the fortunate experience of making an error this winter that we were able to learn from.

Here’s what happened: As part of our tradeshow initiative, we bring live plants to various shows to demonstrate the increased rooting associated with using a seed nutrient dressing.  This past January we were packing up the Soybean plants for Manitoba Ag Days and the plants were exposed to freezing temperatures while they were transferred from our research growth chambers to one of our sale reps trucks. 

What we learned –We took a picture of the plants the next day, and as you can see from the check (on the left) and the PreCede Soybean Treatment (on the right) the plants with the seed nutrient dressing survived the blast of freezing temperatures.  

 A seed dressing provides essential nutrients to ensure plant health in stressful conditions. 

Watch this video to learn about the Best Management Practices for treating your seed with PreCede seed nutrient dressing.

Essential Nutrients vary by Crop type and that’s why we’ve designed a specific formulation by crop.

PreCede Wheat –

  • Drive lateral rooting with teh optimal ratio of mananese and copper
  • Increase root development and eliminate carbohydrate root exudation with the addition of zinc and boron
  • Synergistic impact to rooting when combined with seed protection products to improve overall plant health

PreCede Canola –

  • Compatible with P solubilizing seed treatments
  • Zinc nutrition to drive auxin production in the seed to improve seedling vigor and plant growth
  • Increase root development and improve cell wall integrity by eliminating unwanted exudation of carbohydrates and amino acids with the addition of boron

PreCede Pulse –

  • Drive root development, nodulation and active N fixation with the addition of key trace nutrients
  • Improve cell wall integrity with optimal levels of calcium
  • Low dose rate ensure flowability of seed when combined with seed protection product
  • Rhizobium friendly formulation 

PreCede Soybeans –

  • Drives early season root development and improves overall root surface area to access more nutrients from the soil
  • Key trace nutrients added to assist nodulation and N fixation
  • Rhizobium friendly formulation
  • Low dose rate ensures flowability of seed when combined with seed protection product. 

Nutrient Knowledge Video: Seed Nutrition

In our educational series, ATP Nutrition's President, Jarrett Chambers, discusses seed nutrition and how it affects the overall health of your plants. Watch Now.