World Renowned Plant Nutritionist Joins ATP Nutrition

ATP Nutrition is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Ismail Cakmak to their Research and Development team.

Written on 06/12/15
Dr. Ismail Cakmak joins ATP Nutrition during a portion of his sabbatical from Sabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey) to conduct leading edge research by the end of 2015. While at ATP Nutrition, Dr. Cakmak’s research will focus on novel compounds for both seed and foliar treatments to understand their mode of action in improving plant vigour during early growth stages and stress tolerance at flowering.
“I am happy to spend a part of my sabbatical at ATP Nutrition during 2015. Talking to the growers, establishing dialogue with agronomists, and presenting talks on common problems of plant mineral nutrition in the field will be a major goal during my stay.  Explaining the science behind specific observations and problems in which growers are experiencing under various field conditions in Canada and North America highly motivated me to come here." - Dr. Ismail Cakmak
Dr. Cakmak is one of the most highly regarded scientists on the planet in regards to plant nutrition, particularly his focus on the susceptibility of nutrient-deficient plants to environmental stress conditions. His great scientific achievements are reflected in over 150 peer-reviewed publications in international journals. His publications have been cited more than 7600 times in international journals-which is quite extraordinary in the discipline of plant mineral nutrition.

In recognition of his scientific success and achievements at international levels, Dr. Cakmak was awarded several prestigious prizes. In appraisal of his contributions to both humand health and crop production, Dr. Cakmak was awarded the International Fertilizer Industry Association Crop Nutrition Award in 2005, while in 2007 he received the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences-Crawford Fund “Derek Tribe Medal”. In 2012, Dr. Cakmak was elected into The Academy of Europe, and very recently he received the very prestigious Georg Forster Research Prize awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany.

“We are both honoured and excited to have Dr. Cakmak conduct some of his global research, during his sabbatical in Canada, with ATP Nutrition. His knowledge and experience in regards to plant nutrition is the missing link the Canadian market has required to help drive the genetic potential of the crop.” - Jarrett Chambers, President of ATP Nutrition.
While at ATP, Dr. Cakmak will also be leading some extensive research to establish the critical nutrient levels in seed for optimum germination and vigour for the 3 major crops - wheat, canola, and soybeans. Dr. Cakmak will also participate in a number of summer field tours to help deliver some innovative concepts to the market in regards to plant nutrition. If not already coordinated, please contact your ATP representative to have Ismail participate in your field day.

ATP Nutrition is a Canadian owned and operated nutrient company that is a leader in Plant Nutrient Innovation (PNI). ATP’s focus is to make the R3 Management Platform an industry standard across North America.  ATP’s research efforts have revolutionized the way nutrient solutions can be applied with the seed, herbicide and fungicide – The System of Chemtrition. The ultimate goal of ATP is to simplify crop nutrition with innovative, all-in-one plant nutrition solutions to maximize the genetic potential of the crop.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Cakmak to the ATP team.