Ag in Motion the Yield Results of the Pea Plot are in!

Written on 10/05/16

A post from our Product Innovation Manager, Dan Owen: 

During the 2016 Ag in Motion show at Langham, SK, ATP Nutrition asked farmers 'What’s Possible?' in our Pea Performance plot.

The pea plot was designed to show the benefits of both a strong soil fertility coupled with the proactive use of foliar applied essential nutrients. The yield goal for the site was to double the national average pea yield which stands at 43bu/ac. 

There was a total of 4 treatments. The first 2 plots were to highlight the merits of a strong soil fertility program, based off a soil test and targeting a 80bu/ac yield goal, compared to a more typical soil fertility program for peas. These 2 plots were then split into 2 sub-plots where a proactive foliar nutrient package was applied. 

Throughout the growing season and also during the show, there were great visual differences between the 4 treatments, which included root development, crop height, pod set, flower abortion and number of peas in a pod. 

Ag in Motion - What's Possible Site 

High Yield Fertility Program - Results are in! 

At the end of September the plot was harvested and the question of What’s Possible was answered. The overall yield for the showcase high soil fertility plot with the proactive foliar essential nutrient program was 93.4bu/ac. This yield was 26.0 bu/ac higher than that of the growers standard practice plot, which came in at a respectable 67.4 bu/ac. It is also noteworthy that a strong soil fertility program by itself contributed an extra 16.3 bu/ac when compared to a typical program for peas. 

To ensure an accurate measurement of yield, an independent third party harvested each treatment. 


Who has the best eye for estimating yield? 

With the results now in and verified,  it was time to pick a winner from the 128 entries we received over the three days of the show. The yield estimates range from 50bu/ac to 125bu/ac. 

The winners for the 2016 Ag in Motion What’s Possible Pea Performance with a yield estimate of 92bu/ac are: 

  • Troy Wolf – AB 
  • Gillian Gregoire – SK 
  • Calvin Marin – AB 

ATP Nutrition would like to congratulate all of the winners, each winner will receive a fantastic prize for matching What’s Possible. 

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Dan Owen